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Nestled between the boundaries of Madison and Sun Prairie, Dane County’s fastest growing community, Prairie Lakes is a brand new regional shopping experience. This sprawling 110 acre center has been designed to combine many daily shopping needs into one convenient destination making it truly a third-place that can fit in all times and needs of a shopper’s day.


At the heart of Prairie Lakes are four premier anchor sites that currently offer five high volume traffic generating stores: Target, Costco, Woodman's Grocery Store, Marcus Palace Cinema, and Cabela's.


Our parent company, Prairie Development, conducted extensive research to understand the specific needs of the region prior to accepting deals with our primary anchors. These big-box anchor stores will provide a retail experience currently unavailable in one convenient location anywhere in the region. Our extensive research found that customers were looking for Big, Quick and Easy shopping destinations located closer to home.


This strategy has proven to be effective for the chosen retail mix.  Our site has opened with great fanfare being featured in many publications including the Wisconsin State Journal and InBusiness Magazine.

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